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Our Medan hotel is located along Jalan Pemuda, mere minutes from the Polonia International Airport. We are in the vicinity of the city’s prominent landmarks as well as its various, multicultural attractions.  Make your visit to Medan more enriching than you have imagined. Check out these incredible tourist spots surrounding Hermes Palace Hotel Medan. A feast for both the eyes and the mind, the mix of things to visit around Medan offers historical, architectural, and cultural must-sees. Approach our staff for city tours, so you can roam these destinations with ease.


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North Sumatera, Indonesia

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Place of Interest

maimoon palace




This mosque is the symbol of Medan city. The most beautiful mosque has its culture and history value. It is the largest mosque in North Sumatera. This mosque can accommodate around 1.500 communities for praying (sholat) every day. This mosque was built by Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid in year 1906 and designed by Dengimans from Holland with Moorish style. Many tourists from different countries in this world always visit this mosque.





Maimoon Palace is one of the main tourist object in Medan. This place was built in year 1888 by Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah. Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid governed from year 1873 until year 1924. Its architect is TH. Van Erp as KNL Army. His design represents malay traditional building and Moslem India. Meanwhile his architecture's style was the combination between Indonesia, Persian and European. In palace's yard can be found a blunted gun (meriam punting) as the part of the legend in Maimoon Palace.





Tjong A Fie house is a building with the ancient Chinese style and was built in year 1990. It was located in Ahmad Yani Street (Kesawan). He was the first millionaire in Sumatera and he is very famous until now although has has passed away in year 1921. His success was blessed because of his effort and good relationship with Sultan Deli and Holland tobacco plantation. Till now, this house is still stayed by Tjong A Fie's descendant.






The Lake Toba is located in the middle of North Sumatera Province with cools climate and astonishing panoramic view. For Years, this lake has attracted domestic and international tourists. It has been developed as a highland recreational resort with breathtaking view and impressive traditional touch of Batak Toba. Join our Medan hotel’s city tours, and we’ll arrange for your trip to the lake.




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